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Laser Skin Tag Removal

RM 30 ++

1h 15m



Skin Tags are outer growths of the skin. There are many different types of skin tags and benign skin lesions that are cosmetically bothersome. Skin tags can take many shapes, sizes and colors, but generally they are brownish color, round and slightly asymmetrical. Small skin tags that are black or brownish in color are called dermatosa papulosa nigra, and often occur on the face and neck of asians . Skin tags that are large fleshy tumor-like outgrowths of the skin are called acrochordons. Large, flat, wartlike growths of variable color are called seborrheic keratosis.

People usually request removal for cosmetic reasons. There are many ways to remove them, but at LBS, we use a method that has very little pain and leaves virtually no scarring. We use a state-of-the-art dual radiofrequency device, painless removal of these lesions.

肉粒是皮肤的外部生长。 有许多不同类型的肉粒和良性皮肤病变,这些都在美容上很麻烦。 肉粒可以有多种形状、大小和颜色,但通常呈褐色、圆形且略微不对称。 黑色或褐色的小皮赘称为黑斑丘疹,常发生在亚洲人的面部和颈部。 肉粒是皮肤的大型肉质肿瘤样生长物,称为长脊索。 大的、扁平的、不同颜色的疣状生长被称为脂溢性角化病。

人们通常出于美容原因要求移除。 有很多方法可以去除它们,但在 LBS,我们使用的方法几乎没有疼痛,而且几乎不会留下疤痕。 我们使用最先进的双射频设备,无痛去除这些病变。

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