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Laser Freckle Removal

RM 180 ++

1h 15m



Freckle removal with the Fraxel (1927nm) laser, Gemini (532nm) laser, Ruby (694nm) laser, and PiQo4 laser (532nm) can be effective in the hands of experienced practitioners. Selection of laser and laser settings may depend on the patient’s skin type and needs. IPL or intense pulsed light is another machine that can help remove freckles. However, as it is a broadband light source, it is less specific and effective for treating freckles in comparison to a specific laser such as the lasers listed previously.

经验丰富的美容师使用 Fraxel (1927nm) 激光、Gemini (532nm) 激光、Ruby (694nm) 和 PiQo4 激光 (532nm) 以去除雀斑。 激光和激光设置的选择可能取决于患者的皮肤类型和需求。 IPL 或强脉冲光是另一种可以帮助去除雀斑的机器。 然而,由于它是一种宽带光源,与特定的激光(例如前面列出的激光)相比,它在治疗雀斑方面的特异性和有效性较低。

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