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Fractional Resurfacing


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What exactly is fractional laser? To many patients, it appears to be very "high-end." The widespread popularity of many treatments is often inseparable from the deliberate promotion by beauty institutions. However, "fractional laser" is not as mysterious as it seems. I believe everyone has seen a wire mesh; the light emitted by the fractional laser is arranged in a grid pattern, with the corresponding mesh parts lacking laser beams. This means it does not affect the entire skin surface, leading to a much faster skin recovery rate post-treatment.

Fractional laser works by emitting hair-thin laser beams in a grid pattern on the skin, creating numerous micro-injuries. These beams penetrate the epidermis and reach the dermis, stimulating and damaging the skin to promote regeneration, ultimately achieving the effect of skin structure reconstruction.

Characteristics: Compared to traditional laser treatments, it has a broader clinical application range, longer-lasting effects, and faster skin recovery. This is why you often see the scabs on the skin of someone who has undergone fractional laser treatment arranged like a mesh. The difference between fractional laser and previous laser treatments is that it does not affect the entire skin surface but works on the skin in a dispersed manner at specific intervals, allowing for quicker recovery while still achieving the desired therapeutic effects.

Types of Fractional Laser:

There are mainly two types based on the treatment method.

1. Ablative Fractional Laser: This method causes the skin to form scabs and results in significant skin damage. However, the effects are much more pronounced, and recovery typically takes 2-3 months. Common examples include CO2 fractional laser and erbium laser.

2. Non-Ablative Fractional Laser: This type is much gentler compared to the first one, with each treatment's laser energy being about one-third of that of ablative lasers. It does not cause scabbing, and the redness on the face gradually fades within 1 to 3 days post-treatment, having minimal impact on one's external appearance during the treatment period.

点阵激光 到底是一种什么样的东西呢?在很多患者的眼里它是那么的“高大上”,有很多东西之所以那么流行,其实与美容机构的刻意宣传是分不开的。“点阵激光”其实也不是那么神秘。我相信大家都见过铁丝网吧,点阵激光发出的光就是以结点的方式排列,而对应的网眼部分就是没有激光束的,也就是说它不作用于整个皮肤,所以后期皮肤的修复速度会快很多。







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