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Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

RM 780

2h 0m

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Semi-Permanent makeup can change the size and shape of the lips by creating a fuller and sexier lip and adding colour to correct uneven imbalances. This procedure helps prevent lipstick bleeding, as well as restoring the natural pigment of your lip line- known as the “white line”, commonly lost through sun damage.

A very light technique with no pain, no scabbing and very little swelling.

Note: We do not tattoo just the lip line. All of our techniques are light and blended back into the lip, which ensures there’s no harsh lip line for a very natural look.

半永久定妆可以通过打造更丰盈性感的双唇并添加颜色来纠正不均匀的不平衡,从而改变双唇的大小和形状。 这个程序有助于防止口红流血,以及恢复唇线的天然色素——被称为“白线”,通常因阳光伤害而丢失。


注意:我们不只纹身唇线。 我们所有的技术都很轻巧,并融入唇部,确保没有刺眼的唇线,打造非常自然的妆容。

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