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Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo

RM 680

2h 0m

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Eyebrow tattooing is ideal for women who like a more defined look or filled in brow. Those who are used to applying pencils can do any activity without the embarrassment of losing their brows.

This non-invasive, innovative procedure will instantly take years off, and save hours of frustration trying to draw your own eyebrows. You will no longer need to tint, wax, thread as your tattoo is a guide for where to pluck.

Eyebrow tattoos are a fantastic way of achieving the ‘open eye’ effect, which creates the appearance of a facelift.

For creating the perfect brow, LBS works with your natural brow shape to create a subtle and natural look. Eyebrows are naturally asymmetrical, but we want to compromise with your natural growth, without losing too much hair. Waxing off or completely tattooing so far out of the natural growth can devastate someone that has a good brow base.

纹眉非常适合喜欢更清晰的外观或眉毛丰盈的女性。 习惯用眉笔的人可以不再为之烦恼。

这种创新省去您花费数年时间,并节省数小时试图画自己的眉毛的挫败感。 您将不再需要着色、打蜡、穿线。


为了打造完美的眉毛,LBS 配合您的自然眉形打造精致自然的妆容。 眉毛自然是不对称的,但我们希望与您的自然生长妥协,同时又不会掉太多毛发。 到目前为止,永久性纹眉可能会破坏眉毛的自然生长。

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