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Vaginal Tightening Treatment


RM 1200


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Many women are troubled by the problem of vaginal muscle tension and relaxation, but due to embarrassment and local culture taboos to discuss this topic publicly, we rarely hear about the occurrence of this condition. Vaginal muscle relaxation will compromise the satisfaction of sexual desire between partners, and then affect the intimate relationship between husband and wife. This condition is mostly caused by vaginal dilation during childbirth, and the tightness of pelvic muscles and surrounding structures decreases with age.

Unique laser therapy, it tightens the vaginal cavity with non-invasive light and heat effect. This therapy stimulates collagen remodeling and synthesizes new collagen fibers in the vaginal wall, thereby strengthening and tightening the vaginal wall. This course of treatment has been clinically proven to be safe and effective, and the patients are very satisfied with it.

This course of treatment is carried out in an outpatient setting and does not require anesthetics at all. We generally recommend that you receive two or more courses of treatment. The wonderful thing is that this treatment does not cause pain in the treated area, and the patient can resume his daily routine immediately after completing the treatment.

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