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Oxygen Purifying Facial

RM 388

1h 45m



*Free 眼部冰冻玉石 Jade Stone Eye Treatment
*包含两个面膜 Included Double Mask

Using medical-grade oxygen plump and hydrate skin, this rejuvenating facial gently erases dull skin and fine lines to leave skin silky smooth with a renewed radiance. This facial delivers instant gratification and improves clarity, texture, and tone with regular treatments.

使用医用级氧气丰盈和滋润肌肤,这款焕活面部护理可轻柔地去除暗沉的肌肤和细纹,让肌肤如丝般光滑,焕发光彩。 这种面部护理可提供即时满足感,并通过定期护理改善清晰度、质地和色调。

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