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Back Facial


RM 138

1h 45m

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Always shied away from sexy backless tops or dresses because of back acne? Fret not as this treatment will help to cleanse your back of any acne, giving you a smoother back surface. Worry no more about unsightly scars showing as you flaunt your smooth skin in a backless top or dress.

总是因为背部粉刺而避开性感露背上衣或连衣裙? 不要担心,因为这种治疗将有助于清洁您背部的任何粉刺,使您的背部表面更光滑。 当您穿着露背上衣或连衣裙炫耀自己光滑的皮肤时,再也不用担心会出现难看的疤痕。

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